wan·der·lust ˈwändərˌləst/  noun a strong desire to travel.


My name is Joi.

This is a blog of my travels.

There aren’t that many travel blogs made by teens. I am currently in high school and have a deep desire to see and experience the world. I was inspired to make this blog a month away from my first trip to Europe. I wanted to be able to document my discoveries and have a source to reflect upon for future years.

However, I also made this blog as a place to share tips for travel. As a YouTuber, I love sharing new discoveries with people; blogging is just another outlet that will allow me to do so.

My goal for this blog is for it to be a collaboration of great photography, well-written accounts, and a platform for me to share any travel videos I make. I also want to reach out to a wide audience, but still allow space to connect with other teen travelers.

Please leave feedback on my posts and share stories about your travels. I’d love to hear!

Below are links to my photography blog and my YouTube channel:




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