How to Take Better iPhone Photos!

Sometimes when I am going on a short weekend trip I do not feel the need to carry my DSLR along. Other times, I am leaving the house quickly and only have my phone with me.

In times where my iPhone camera is the only thing I have at hand, I still like to take pictures.

There are a ton of tips that you can follow to get better iPhone shots and here are a few that I think are essential when you choose to shoot with any phone camera.

1. Make sure your subject is in focus.


photo creds:

This can be accomplished by simply tapping on the screen where you want your camera to focus.

2. Make sure there is enough light available.

Just like any camera, make sure you have enough light available. Try to shoot outside or in front of windows for natural light.

3. Know how to change your exposure.

To change the exposure live, tap on where you want the camera to focus. A square and a small sun icon should show up on the screen. Tap the sun icon and use your finger to slide up or down to add or decrease brightness.

4. Don’t forget your basic composition rules.


photo creds:

Try to make your photos interesting and always try and follow the rule of thirds. Add different angles and perspectives to your shots.

5. Touch up your photo with a nice filter and some editing.


There are a ton of great iPhone editing apps for pictures. Click here to read my post on my favorite photography apps.

6. Buy some external lenses to attach to your phone’s camera.


photo creds:

I own a fisheye, macro, and wide angle lens. I also want a telephoto lens for iPhone as well. Here are some websites where you can buy these.

Those are all of my tips for now; happy shooting!


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